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Hey! I’m Conor. Here’s a moody picture so you know I’m actually a real person:

Here’s something more LinkedIn appropriate:

I got a Masters in Literature. I got published in a book.

I’ve written about running, art and mental health and quitting the 9-5 to have more time to focus on important things like writing and sleeping in the afternoon. I’ve produced landing pages and other e-commerce content, which isn’t that interesting, but I’m also the film editor for Irish pop culture rag The Thin Air, which is.

So I write a lot about movies and the people who make them. Here’s a report from the Docs Ireland documentary festival with illustrations you can tell I did myself. I’ve started making super pretentious podcasts.

Here’s me on TV talking about fillums.

I write essays and over-share because I have poor boundaries and you can read them all here. I am trying to write a book. It is going *okay*.

This is where I live:

This is where I want to live:

Berlin! Who needs words?